Introducing the concepts that differentiate our to-down approach to investing

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Operating Instructions

Interactive Drop-down Menus - An explanation and illustration of the mechanics of the subscriber's section of our site, showing graphically how users can access long-term charts, summary tables and market profiles for reviewing conventional and alternative asset classes, global bond, forex and stock markets.

Top-Down Investing

The Pyramid of Assets - Top-down asset allocation makes a much bigger difference to investment performance than bottom-up stock selection. Yet there are infinitely more stocks than assets to select so stock selection is far, far more work. Investors RouteMap focuses on the top.

Best Guesses

Stop / Go Signals for Investors - The strengths and limitations of our various forecasting methods; econometric forecasts, buy & sell signals and playing the percentage odds. One of these appears in most types of chart, except the Timeline charts.

Investment Cycles

Swings and Roundabouts - Those who don't learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them. The RouteMaps provide ways of identifying cycles each year, each election cycle and each generation, as well as stock market bubbles.

Proprietary Indices ®

Our Copyright - A statistical explanation of the various indices we built ourselves because public ones were either not available or not fit for our purposes, namely long term bonds, real effective exchange rates, all asset indices, earnings per share, commodities and GDP Output Gaps.

Chart Features

Standardisation - Our charts are standardised, because there is no more effective way of assimilating huge volumes of data than viewing one after another in the same place while changing a single variable each time. Here we explain some of the ways that they are standardised.

Research Universe

Our Global Investment Universe - Aggregation of the 39 countries in our global indexes into 12 regions designed to reflect the most popular investment mandates internationally, both including and excluding the largest home markets.

Risk Assessment 

Radical Risk Assessment  - Three-dimensional risk analysis of Trends, Value and Investment Sentiment with a table of long-term volatility data by asset class and country, for those who care, despite our critique of its misuse.

Financial Alphabet Soup

Brevity versus Clarity -  For the benefit of those for whom some of the acronyms may be unfamiliar, we provide a lexicon of key economic, political and financial terms together with explanations in plain English.

Investment Jargon

Technical Terms - Definitions of the key investment concepts and terminology explained for the intelligent but uninformed layman, using simple formulas that don't require advanced mathematical knowledge.

Investing Traps

Traps for the Unwary - The most popular reasonable but wrong ways to go about investing, exposing common fallacies and offering alternative solutions based on our approach to international asset allocation.