Geographical Coverage

The 51 countries and regions analysed in Investors RouteMap ®

This table shows for which individual country, regional and global investment mandates the asset allocation and market timing system generates predictions. See notes below for exceptions to individual asset classes. To ensure comparability and consistency the system is based on a proprietary set of regional and global indices. These are designed for decision making about investments between different international markets, investing styles, funds and portfolios and are not intended for performance measurement.

Global Research Coverage

Global Coverage by RouteMap

Assets RouteMap: Regional asset class options for US, Japan, UK, Euro-Zone, Europe inc. UK and World
Bonds RouteMap: All countries, except Emerging Markets, plus regional and global aggregates
Forex RouteMap: All countries but no regional aggregates, except Euro-zone
Shares RouteMap: All countries and regional aggregates plus global mandates ex major home markets
Styles RouteMap: Regional equity options for North America, Asia/Japan, UK, Euro-Zone, Europe inc. UK and World
Extras RouteMap: Regional alternative asset options for US, UK, Euro-Zone, Europe and World


  • Assets analyses Cash, Domestic Government Bonds, Foreign Government Bonds, Domestic Shares, Foreign Shares, Commercial Real Estate and All Assets
  • Styles analyses Growth & Value Investing, SmallCaps, Technology, Gold and Resources, Health Care, Financials, Real Estate, Transport and Utilities
  • Extras analyses Inflation-Linked Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Commodities and the indices of All Assets, analysed in the Assets RouteMap
  • (A) China is included in the research coverage because because it is too important to ignore, but excluded from the indices until the restrictions on foreign investment in its stock market are removed
  • Developed Countries are represented by data for the largest G7 countries, namely US, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and UK