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Individual Reports on every asset class, market, style or sector that the RouteMaps analyse


Samples of our research on asset allocation in 6 regions

Samples of our reserch on 19 government bond markets

Samples of our research on 29 foreign currency markets

Samples of our research on 50 stock markets

Samples of our research on 6 styles & sectors

Samples of our research on 5 alternative asset classes

Individual Reports

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this library of 14,000 time-series charts is worth a lot.  The charts are in both medium-term since 1994 and long-term versions back to 1966. They can be viewed in local currencies, US$ or relative to a benchmark.

Investors RouteMap contains a different type of chart for each kind of investment strategy. While the strategies for each asset class are similar, the mechanics differ. In addition there are some special individual types of chart in different RouteMaps, which are designed to analyse in greater depth key variables underlying valuation ratios and econometric forecasts.

  • Fair Value Line - Indices of fair value based on inflation, bond yield or other economic data.
  • Liquidity - Buy & Sell signals based on monetary policy or flow of funds indicators
  • Momentum  - Buy & Sell signals based on price action alone
  • EPS Forecasts - Top-down estimates of Earnings Per Share by country, style or sector
  • Key Economic Indicator - Composite indicators based on economic variables and forecasts
  • Valuation - Different key valuation ratios for each asset class
  • Investment Sentiment - Year ahead projection based on composite indicator
  • Seasonal Trader - Cumulative annual performance on average each year
  • Market Timeline - History charts of important economic, political and investment headlines

The chart library is divided into six separate sections, for Asset Allocation, Bonds, Forex, Shares, Styles and Extras. Sample charts are chosen to reflect a variety of circumstances. However the samples are all taken from major markets in order to be as meaningful as possible. For simplicity there are certain default settings. These are generally the longest available timescale and local currency investment perspective. While these sample charts are not updated, the complete library available to clients is updated shortly after the end of every month and at the beginning of each year the forecast horizon is rolled forward another year into the future.

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The Chart Library is part of the free international investment seminar. Just follow the classroom signs alongside, either directly from here or when you have looked at whichever sections of the library interest you. At the end of each class, there is a sign to the beginning of the next one.