Investment Seminar

A Do-It-Yourself guide to becoming your own Investment Director

This Seminar is based on the principle that it is the big picture that makes the big difference, specifically top-down asset allocation makes a bigger difference to investment performance than bottom-up stock selection. It takes investors through a selection of relevant pages on this website. For those who are not full-time investors, it is also more effective use of the time available to manage one's own investments because there are few strategic, but many tactical issues. This focuses that time on fund selection, while delegating stock selection to professional fund managers. It strategy  selects funds based on the prospects of their mandates, rather than the past performance of their managers. It works because so few investors practice it.

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Ten Online Lessons

1. Top-down Investing: An investment philosophy based on one big idea - The Big Picture makes the Big Difference
2. Asset Allocation: In theory asset allocation strategies ignore market prices, in practice they must
3. Investment Cycles: Exploit repetitive patterns of behaviour over various time spans
4. Sector Rotation: Switch styles and sectors to maximise profits and minimise risk throughout the investment cycle
5. Diversification: Select a few uncorrelated assets for the best balance of volatility and performance
6. Investing Traps: How to survive in the investment jungle by avoiding common pitfalls
7. Country Profiles: Fact Sheets on asset classes, countries, regions plus investing styles and sectors
8. Guided Tours: Take your choice of trips round a mythical country, to give you a feel for the real thing
9. Chart Library: The different kinds of top-down investment strategies
10. Investment Process: Combine strategies to maximise returns and minimise risk