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 The mechanics of operating Investors RouteMap as a registered subscriber

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Choose one presentation format. If Charts, use top four menus. If Profiles use top Drop-Down menu only. If Tables, use last menu only.

Countries & Regions

Investment Strategy

Investor's Perspective

After clicking the radio button for Charts, select the choices you want in the top four drop-down menu and press GO. If you don't change every parameter, the programme assumes that you want to use the last settings. 

Styles & Sectors

Some RouteMaps have an additional drop-down menu for sub-sections of the category chosen in the top one

To run a Slide Show menu, change the default setting from None to whichever parameter you want to vary. Having done that, you can leave the mouse in the same place, just pressing GO each time you want to move on to the next chart in the selection.

Summary Tables

Click the radio button for Tables, select the table you want in the drop-down menu and press GO. The Slide Show does not work with tables.


After making your selections in the drop-down menus, press GO.

Unusual Research

Investors RouteMap provides investment strategies globally, that are otherwise available only partially or not at all. These include our composite indicators of investment sentiment, measures of fair value, seasonal trading patterns and top-down EPS forecasts. Every investment possibility designed to be comparable against every other through our inter-active online delivery service.

Analysing Markets

This is how to use our asset allocation, government bond, foreign currency and stock market timing system once you have subscribed - Once logged-in, go to the RouteMap for whichever class of asset interests you. Then select the radio button to find a set of summary Tables to check the latest rating for every Country or Region based on a variety of investing strategies. To obtain a market report on any particular country, select Profiles. There is also a Slide Show to help you review a collection of similar charts quickly and do your own portfolio management efficiently.

Subscription Section

The set of radio buttons let you choose the way you want to see our database.

  • Tables are often a good way to start reviewing your investments, because these list all the countries and regions, giving our current Best Guess, using each of our investing strategies, or summarise important historical information, like year-to-date performance and key events.

  • Once you have identified a country, region or investment style that interests you, if you want to check out its key investment characteristics and its rating on our various investment strategies, this can be done in Profiles. This section provides a market report on each country or region, covering politics, economics and investment factors.

  • Having identified a suitable country, region or style, and familiarised yourself with it, switch to Charts to analyse its merits, using up to ten different investment strategies. A full set of explanations and descriptions can be found in Chart Library.

Creating Charts

The Chart Menu provides a set of four or five standardised investment parameters.

  • Country/Region: The market timing options include developed and emerging markets together with regional aggregates, representing the most common investment mandates.

  • Sector: An extra set of parameters for regional subsets in the Assets, Extras and Styles RouteMaps.

  • Chart Type: For each asset class there are different investment tools, each analysing a key ratio, for which there is sufficiently widespread and historic data to make international comparisons.

  • Timescale: Having looked at the long-term charts to identify patterns, focus in on the medium term chart to look closely at the current situation.

  • Investment Perspective: There are up to four aspects to market timing, designed to meet differing needs, be they absolute or relative return.

  1. Local Currency option to see how it appears to domestic investors.

  2. A common currency basis in US Dollars for international investors.

  3. Relative to the World to pick the best performers of that type globally.

  4. Relative to Region to pick the best performers in that region.

To find out more, take a trip to Demoland, an investment theme park to give you the feel for the real thing. Different tours are available for Asset Allocation, Government Bonds, Foreign Currencies, Stock Markets, Styles & Sectors and Alternative Assets.

Standardisation makes comparisons easy. Simply eyeball the data by keeping all but one parameters the same, while you change the other. For example, having chosen Chart Type, Investment Perspective and Timescale, the axes will have the same meaning as you switch from one country to another. Then, having identified the country you find most interesting, you could keep the Country parameter the same, while choosing a different Chart Type for successive selections in order to analyse different arguments for or against investing there. Charts for each market show the complete history of market timing signals using either liquidity or momentum-based international investment strategy as well as valuation ratios.  

Slide Show

This enables you to automate the process by flipping through the full collection of similar charts at whatever speed suits you. Hold all but one investment parameters constant and vary the other. Selections will appear in the order in which they are shown in the drop-down lists. For Countries and Regions, that is to say alphabetically within each region, followed by the relevant regional index, before moving on to the next region and ending with various global aggregates at the end.

Ranking Tables

There are also summary tables to help you with market timing and selection decisions for conventional and alternative assets, government bond, foreign currencies or stock markets round the world. These list the countries or regions available in each asset class according to various investment criteria that reflect the types of chart available for that asset class. At the top level, there is a summary table showing Best Guesses for each country or region, based on combining up to eight trend and valuation strategies. Then there are tables for each one of our investing strategies. There are also tables that alert you to key events - a diary of influential occasions in the year to date and an calendar of upcoming elections. Where appropriate, there are separate tables according to the different investment perspectives.

Statistical Note

Don't expect Investors RouteMap to provide complete coverage. This may be because not all the data is available for all the countries over the whole time period.   Data may not exist, or if it does, only be available for a limited period. Data may not be meaningful for part of the time in some countries because of hyperinflation, or other reasons. Some asset classes may not be traded in all countries or regions.