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 Licence agreement, financial health warning and other notices for subscribers to Investors RouteMap ®

Financial Health Warning

  • The information contained in the Investors RouteMap has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but which without further investigation, cannot be guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness.
  • This information, together with any 'Best Guesses' (i.e. forecasts, opinions, projections or recommendations based upon it), is subject to change without notice.
  • All of the 'Best Guesses' in Investors RouteMap are generic, and not customer-specific.
  • The past, while helpful, is no guarantee of future performance. Please read Performance Simulation for further details.
  • This product is for information purposes only and is not intended to be an offer or solicitation to buy or sell specific securities.
  • The firm is classified as giving 'Restricted Advice'. This is a classification under the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) to improve the clarity with which firms describe their investment advice services to consumers. Investors RouteMap is a single unique product and does not promote any other third party investment products.
  • It is provided on the understanding that all who act upon it, do so at their own risk, and after taking account of an appropriate level of risk. Please see the page about Investment Risk for guidance,and take further professional advice, if you remain in doubt regarding questions of suitability.
  • The publishers accept no responsibility for the composition or management of any investment portfolios constructed with the assistance of Investors RouteMap and associated services.
  • Users should appreciate that the value of securities, as well as the income from them, can go up or down and that changes in the rates of exchange may also cause fluctuations in value.
  • From time to time, the publisher, or its associates, directors and staff may act upon the information or opinions expressed, as also may other clients of the firm.

Licence Agreement

  • Under this agreement you acquire a licence granting initial access and 11 subsequent monthly upgrades, valid for a year from your date of subscription. This licence is restricted to use on a single personal computer. You may make a back-up copy on that computer, but you may not otherwise decompile, transmit or reproduce it in any manner. If you wish to use the product on a server, you will need a Site Licence.
  • Permission is granted for inclusion in subscribers' own publications of a single chart on an ad-hoc basis, providing the source is quoted. All other distribution rights are reserved. Organisations wishing to make this product available to multiple internal users, or to incorporate significant or substantial parts of it for onward distribution, should apply for a Site Licence.
  • The publisher reserves rights to modify the products and services, in response to changes in financial markets, discontinuities of source data, regulatory requirements or otherwise in the interests of improvement.
  • The publisher may discontinue service and refund the unexpired balance of subscriptions for any reason, including force majeure or grounds for suspicion of misuse. Refunds are not available for early cancellation by the subscriber.
  • Delivery is dependant on efficient working of the internet, which is beyond the publisher's control. Delivery is accordingly subject to possible delays and interruptions.
  • Access to the service is subject to installation of a personal digital certificate at the subscriber's expense in a browser and to computer settings that permit the use of cookies.

Other Notices

  • Regardless of the form of any claim, including loss of profits, the supplier's liability for damages to you or any third party shall not exceed the amount of your subscription and any paid-up bespoke services. The supplier provides no other warranties, express or implied. Force majeure conditions apply.
  • Purchase of this product is subject to the laws of the United Kingdom, whose courts have sole jurisdiction. The Unfair Contract Terms Law of 1996 applies in respect of your rights as a consumer and the Consumer Arbitration Scheme of the Financial Services Authority applies in respect of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.
  • This product is covered by United Kingdom copyright laws, international treaties and the European Union Directive of March 1996 concerning databases as well as other relevant laws.
  • Users of this site must satisfy themselves that consumer protection laws of their own country allow them to access information on this site.
  • Investors RouteMap Ltd. is registered in England, Company No. 3675342. Its registered office is 9 Daniels Court, Island Wall, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1ET.
  • The company reserves the right to treat subscriptions to Investors RouteMap as advance payments for other services contracted.