Take your choice of trips round a mythical country, to give you a feel for the real thing

Take a guided tour round the Assets RouteMap

Take a guided tour round the Bonds RouteMap

Take a guided tour round the Forex RouteMap

Take a guided tour round the Shares RouteMap

Take a guided tour round the Styles RouteMap

Take a guided tour round the Extras RouteMap

Take a tour round Demoland, a theme park for investors based on a mythical country, that is designed to give visitors the feeling of the real thing. RouteMaster will talk you round the site, answering the most frequently asked questions put by visitors. Just click on the left Click here to have another look at the prior page or right Click here to go on to the next stage of the tour white arrows to go back and forth, as often as you wish.

You have a choice of six principal attractions, Assets RouteMap, Bonds RouteMap, Forex RouteMap, Shares RouteMap, Styles RouteMap or Extras RouteMap Allow ten to twenty minutes to visit each one of them. We hope you enjoy your trip. All you need to do is hit the relevant arrow to go forward or back. Choose which attraction you want to see now.

Assets focuses on the biggest decision of all - deciding which asset call in which region is most attractive - bonds, cash, stocks or real estate. Having made that decision first The next three, Bonds, Forex and Shares are designed to help you decide which specific countries are most attractive. The fifth provides alternatives to choosing equities by geography, namely investing styles and economic sectors. The last is a recent addition to analyse the increasingly popular hunt for alternative assets, namely inflation-linked bonds, corporate bonds, hedge funds, private equity and commodities.

Each part of Demoland contains sample tables and charts, drawn from various parts of the RouteMaps. To make your visit as realistic as possible, these are in fact real life examples taken from actual countries, but they are not up to date and they have been anonomised.

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Demoland is part of the free international investment seminar. Just follow the classroom images alongside, either directly from here, or at the end of your tour round whichever part of Demoland interests you. At the end of each class, there is a sign to the beginning of the Next Class.