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Take a guided tour of our investment service on 25 alternative assets

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Sample Chart

Colour-coded forecasts and signals make it easy to understand what we recommend



Directions for Visitors

Demoland is designed to be user-friendly investment research into global asset allocation. Just follow the white arrows in the top left corner of each page (like the ones above) or use the successively numbered pages on the navigation bar below. Right takes you forward to the next stage of the tour, and left takes you back to have another look at the previous stage. You can join or leave the tour at any point via the navigation bars at the bottom of every page.

Extras in Demoland consists of three parts.

  • Time Series Charts showing history going back decades and forecasts going forward for years.
  • Summary Tables ranking all assets in all regions on all strategies every month.
  • Market Profiles like individual stock reports, but top-down on entire asset classes and subsets

All the charts share a common system of colour coding for ease of comparison.

  • The Index that one wants to analyse is shown as a thick white line, with its values shown on the right hand vertical axis.
  • The Variable that explains its past behaviour is shown in yellow,  with its values shown on the left hand vertical axis. Where there are two variables, the other is shown in light green.
  • Our Best Guess as to the future is shown in orange (and in pink for a second one). Where this is a forecast of the variable it is shown as a separate series projecting into the future with its values also on the same left hand axis. Where these are Buy & Sell signals they are red arrows embedded in the price index at the time and place where they occur. Where these are Odds they are shown as values alongside the index.
Extras in Demoland analyses the asset classes in all the regions of the table alongside Research Universe for Extras RouteMap

See samples of the full range in the Chart Library

NB: Investors RouteMap contains charts for diverse investing strategies. * Where appropriate results have been back-tested world-wide over a quarter century.
  • Momentum analysis based on moving averages and Coppock curves *
  • Investment Sentiment forecasting prices a year ahead based on behavioural analysis
  • Seasonal trading patterns exploiting annual movements relative to trend *
  • Econometric modelling of a key economic indicator for each asset class
  • Real Value showing replacement cost, current yield or earnings yield after inflation
  • Value compared to closest rival, which varies by alternative asset class
  • Market Timeline showing news headlines at the time and price when they happened

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Assets in Demoland is part of the free international investment seminar. Just follow the classroom images alongside, either now or at the end of your tour.At the end of each class, there is a sign to the beginning of the Next Class.