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Our valuation ratios - shares are cheap when the yellow oscillators are near the bottom of their range. Orange lines are our year on year projections.

Visitor: Technical analysis is certainly helpful, but it takes fundamentals to convince me.

RouteMaster: Sorry, if we failed to make that clear. In fact many of the charts in RouteMap are about fundamentals - mainly valuation and economics. In terms of investment philosophy, some are value-based, others are momentum-driven. Others are also driven by investment sentiment.

We will start with value considerations. Have a look at this chart showing the valuation of Domestic Shares in Demoland. Rather than displaying the Price Earnings ratio, this shows its reciprocal, the Earnings Yield, to make it comparable with yields on other asset classes. 

As a subscriber you could see the same chart for all the asset classes in each region in our database and that is true for every type of chart in our system. Notice that here forecasts replaces the Buy/Sell signals.

Most recently you can see that the ratio was at the bottom of its recent trading ranges, signifying that the market had good potential.