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Focus on recent developments - charts can be viewed with either 15 or 30 years of past history. With Internet Explorer you can also right click to zoom in further.

Visitor: These are longer charts than I am used to seeing, do you have anything shorter, where I can see more detail?

RouteMaster: No because the reason for first showing such long-term charts is to help you identify patterns. For example, to see if there is any relevance in the four-year election cycle, you need to look at several cycles, so we show medium-term charts since 1994 and long-term ones since 1966.

Once you have identified a pattern, then it is right to zoom in to see where we are in the current cycle. Here is the chart for Momentum on a short timescale. Once again, Investors RouteMap lets you do this with all the charts, but we won't bore you with that now.

In this shorter timescale it can more easily be seen that the Buy and Sell signals kept subscribers out of the market for most of the last bear market. This example shows all three components of our chart technical model at work.

  • A Sell signal was issued when prices fell below their moving average in 2000.
  • A Buy signal followed when the rate of change indicator turned up.
  • That was reversed, when the rate of change deteriorated again.
  • A new Buy signal was flashed as the market became oversold at the end of 2002.
  • That turned out to be the bottom of the bear market.

We are deliberately showing you an ancient chart here, so you can see that the results are not just hypothetically back-tested but real-time.