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All charts are available not only in Local Currency but also compared to Regional Market or Global Asset Class

Visitor: Can I adjust the charts in other ways?

RouteMaster: Yes. We haven't yet discussed that you can look at every market from three different Investment Perspectives. So far we have looked at Demoland in the usual way - as a domestic investor in local currency.

However as an asset allocator, it might be more useful to compare everything against a common benchmark, so there is a Regional option.

Depending on your circumstances or investment mandate,  it would also be useful to see which markets look best, especially when they are all moving in the same direction as so often happens, so the third option shows the first type of chart again, but this time as Demoland compared to a Global benchmark. Irrespective of your own perspective, this is useful to show how other groups of investors, with possibly greater buying power, may view your domestic market.

Here is the very first chart, shown this time from the Regional perspective. In the first chart, which used the same kind of analysis in absolute terms, Demoland looked attractive. However here one can see that it was especially depressed, so an active investor might switch from other asset classes in this region to maximise his profits.