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Summary Table for Bonds - Hypothetical Rankings in Local Currency

Sorted Alphabetically within Regions

  Overall Summary for Local Investors  
  See explanations at bottom       Month End:  
  Countries & Regions Value Trends Sentiment Action Change  
  COUNTRY A Sell Trim Trim Sell Down  
  COUNTRY B Sell Buy Buy Add    
  COUNTRY C Trim Buy Add Add Down  
  Explanation Recommendations are Buy, Add, Hold, Trim or Sell. Objectives are absolute return in Local Currency, Dollars or return relative to a Global benchmark.  
  Value To minimise the risk of value strategies misleading, we calculate the average extent of over/under-valuation from up to four valuation ratios. See Value Tables.  
  Trends Four different kinds of trend strategies are combined to generate an exponential improvement in the odds of successfully predicting market direction. See Trend Tables.  
  Sentiment This is a contrarian strategy, whereby up to 16 indicators of investor sentiment are combined to generate market forecasts a year ahead. See Sentiment Tables.  
  Action Our overall recommendation on what action to take, based on combining Value, Trend and Sentiment strategies, to maximise the odds of picking winners and avoiding losers.  
  Change The net effect of any upgrades or downgrades is shown here so as to provide subscribers with a short-cut to identifying significant changes.  
  Copyright © 2012 Investors RouteMap Ltd. is an Appointed Representative of Integral Asset Management Ltd. which is authorised by the Financial Services Authority to carry out investment business. Please read Financial Health Warning and Licence Agreement. UK laws apply exclusively. Principal sources: Consensus Economics, CFTC, FIBV, Global Financial Data, national governments and stock exchanges. Information and opinions are based on sources believed to be reliable and accurate. However it does not guarantee this to be the case, and does not accept liability for any loss arising. These tables are for information only and do not constitute a solicitation to deal in any securities. Opinions are liable to change. Past performance is no guarantee of future success.  


Visitor: Where should I start? Your site covers so much material.

RouteMaster: Think of this first visit as an overview. Ranking tables are a good place to start your bond market analysis. Here is an extract from the master table, summarising the situation for each country, so you can see at a glance how every market is rated. As you can see there is a separate composite ranking for Demoland on Value, Trend  and Sentiment investment  philosophies and an overall recommendation for what action to take. There is a full set of more detailed tables to show the rankings according to individual investment strategies.

The signals in this particular example are hypothetical. Investors RouteMap provides opinions on 37 different countries and 12 regional averages, which we designed to reflect the most popular international investment mandates.

The subject is complex, so you either have to trust someone else to manage your money, or do the home work yourself. We make it as easy as possible by providing contextual help at the bottom, as shown in this extract.

As a subscriber you might want to start a regular monthly investment review by checking these tables. Our slogan is " High Performance - Low Maintenance ". As to the latter, we find that an hour or so spent each month on the RouteMap for Bonds may keep you well up to speed.

By the way, if you find a particular country attractive, but don't know much about it, there are fact sheets on the key factors for investing in each country in Profiles. Even if you are expert, it is often useful to remind oneself.