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Our technical analysis algorithm. Red arrows show our Buy & Sell signals. The thin while and yellow lines explain them.

Visitor: Personally, I think that a picture is worth a thousand words. Can you show me a chart?

RouteMaster: We entirely agree. If you subscribe, you will find more than 2100 charts on bond markets  but only 22 tables and 39 market reports - and no reams of text. Take a look at the technical chart, Rate of Change and Moving Average for Demoland.

Investors RouteMap is designed so every chart tells you not only where you are in time, but gives some indication as to the best way forward. All past Buy and Sell signals for the Momentum strategy are shown. This way you can eyeball the track record to get a feeling for its strengths and weaknesses as well as read the latest signal.

Often this strategy accumulates small losses during a trading range, but it tends to be on the right side of the big moves, and they count the most.

This sample, like all the others in this guided tour is an actual chart from our archives, with only the name of the country changed. These samples are all from different countries.  

In this example you can see how that latest sudden upsurge has flashed a sell signal because the market was over-bought, so one  big profit in the previous sharp upswing can offset many small losses.