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Focus on recent developments - charts can be viewed either medium-term since 1964 or long-term since 1994. With Internet Explorer you can also right click to zoom in further.

Visitor: These are longer charts than I am used to seeing, do you have anything shorter?

RouteMaster: Yes, but the reason for first showing you such long-term charts is to help you identify patterns. For example, to see if there is any relevance in the four-year election cycle, you need to look at several cycles, so we show medium-term or long-term charts.

Once you have identified a pattern, then it is worth zooming in to see where we are in the current cycle. Here is the same chart of Liquidity on a Medium Timescale. Once again, Investors RouteMap lets you do this with all the charts, but we won't go into that now.

We can see a good long-term correlation in this chart, so interest rates are a useful confirming, but only co-incident indicator.