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Compare bond markets to global averages with relative strength charts - available for each type of analysis.

Visitor: Can I adjust the charts in other ways?

RouteMaster: Yes. We haven't yet discussed that you can look at every market from three different Investment Perspectives. So far we have looked at Demoland in the usual way - local currency.

However as a foreign investor it might be more useful to convert everything into a comparable common currency, so there is a Dollar option.

To maximise your profits, it would be especially useful to see which markets look best, especially when they are all moving in the same direction as so often happens, so the third option shows Demoland versus Global Index. Irrespective of your own perspective, this is useful to show how other groups of investors, with possibly greater buying power, may view the market in question.

While we pointed out earlier that Demoland bonds did not look very attractive, here we can see that compared to the rest of the world they have also turned down and are also flashing a "relative" sell. As a global  bond investor, this would make me want to put such bonds near the top of my sell list.