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Focus on recent developments - charts can be viewed with either 10 or 25 years of past history. With Internet Explorer you can also right click to zoom in further.

Visitor: These are longer charts than I am used to seeing, do you have anything shorter, where I can see more detail?

RouteMaster: Yes, but the reason for first showing you such long-term charts is to help you identify patterns. For example, to see how bubbles develop, that typically that takes many years of favourable economic background, so we show medium and long term charts going back as far as possible - and that is many decades.

Once you have identified a pattern, then it is right to zoom in to see where we are in the current cycle, using the Medium Term option in the drop-down menu for timescales. Once again, Investors RouteMap lets you do this with all the charts, but we won't bore you with that now.

In the medium term timescale the timing of the signals can more easily be seen, than it is here.  This chart shows how the algorithms combine to create the signals. Thus the last sell signal was created by the downturn in moving average (the thin white line), just in time to avoid the crash after L-Day in 2008. It takes an upturn in the rate of change indicator (the yellow line) to create a new Buy signal.