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Summary Tables

  • Select the radio button for the type of information you want.  Choose Charts for time series analysis, Profiles for country data sheets or Tables for rank lists.
  • For Profiles of individual styles or sectors use the only the Countries & Regions drop-down menu 
  • To build a chart, select the choices you want from the investment parameters in the top five drop-down menus.
  • To run a  Chart Slide Show, change the default setting from None to the parameter you want to vary.
  • To see how styles and sectors compare against each others, use only the drop-down menu for Summary Tables. 
  • After making your selections, press GO.

Visitor: Your product is clearly very sophisticated, but is it possibly too complicated for me?

RouteMaster: We don't think so. When you subscribe to Investors RouteMap you will see that there is a simple navigation system based on Drop-Down Menus from which you can select your chart, in place of this commentary on the left side of the page.

Firstly there are a variety of investment styles from which to chose. These have been selected to reflect the most common types of investment mandate and funds available to the public.

You can drill down the chart options for your chosen region to whatever level of analysis you want, or, having found a particular type of chart you like, you can drill across, looking at different regions, in the same way.

You can even run a slide show that rotates through all the charts of whatever type you have selected, adjusting the speed to suit you. To simulate the effect just click backwards and forwards a few times between the first five charts as these share three of the same parameters, varying only the fourth - in this case the chart type.

There is also a set of high magnification Timeline charts showing news headlines for key events in each market's financial history.

Finally to provide a good overview there is a menu from which you can select summary tables - a good place to start a monthly review of international investment opportunities or market profiles, which are designed to feel like company research reports, but on a whole market at a time.

To help you even more, each chart also has an explanation below it, as do the summary tables, while the market profiles are explained line by line alongside.

I could go on about the features and benefits, but I suspect that this is more than enough for your first visit. When you want to know more, please see the Product Range.