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To eliminate biases created by movements in the US$ all currency charts can also be viewed against the SDR, which acts as a proxy for an average global exchange rate.

Visitor: Can I adjust the charts in other ways?

RouteMaster: Yes. We haven't yet discussed that you can look at every currency from two different Investment Perspectives. So far we have looked at Demoland's currency in the usual way - against the US Dollar. However as the dollar has its own behavioural pattern, there is a need for a global average. We use Special Drawing Rights at the IMF in that role.

Demoland's currency is traditionally influenced mainly by the Euro and the US$. Normally if it rises against one, it falls against the other, so on average the movements might be very small against the SDR.

However this chart shows that it broke that pattern, falling sharply against both trading partners, and indeed almost everything else recently. That would not have been apparent if looking at it only against one of its main trading partners.