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Exchange Traded Funds and Laender Fonds on which the Shares RouteMap updates recommendations every month

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  Exchange Traded Funds listed in Frankfurt  
  Passive ETF  
  WKN Fund Country & Region Fund  
  Code Name Mandate Sponsor  
  M9SF.DE DAX Global Asia Index Fund Asia ex Japan Market Access  
  DXS5.DE MSCI AC Asia ex Japan TRI Asia ex Japan db x-trackers  
  LYYC.DE MSCI AC Asia-Pacific Ex Japan Asia ex Japan Lyxor  
  IQQF.DE MSCI AC Far East ex-Japan Asia ex Japan iShares  
  IUS9.DE MSCI AC Far East ex-Japan Small Cap Asia ex Japan iShares  
  LYQI.DE MSCI Asia APEX 50 Asia ex Japan Lyxor  
  UIMD.DE MSCI Pacific ex Japan Asia ex Japan UBS  
  DXS6.DE MSCI Pacific ex Japan TRI Asia ex Japan db x-trackers  
  X015.DE MSCI Pacific ex Japan TRN Asia ex Japan ComStage  
  EUNJ.DE MSCI Pacific ex-Japan Asia ex Japan iShares  
  X014.DE MSCI Pacific TRN Asia inc Japan ComStage  
  DX2S.DE S&P /ASX 200 Australia db x-trackers  
  C031.DE ATX Austria ComStage  
  EXXX.DE ATX (DE) Austria iShares  
  LYMG.DE Brazil (IBOVESPA) Brazil Lyxor  
  IQQB.DE MSCI Brazil Brazil iShares  
  DBX6.DE MSCI Brazil TRN Index Brazil db x-trackers  
  IUM9.DE MSCI Canada Canada UBS  
  L8I1.DE China Enterprise China Lyxor  
  EXXU.DE DJ China Offshore 50 (DE) China iShares  
  IQQC.DE FTSE/Xinhua China 25 China iShares  
  DBX9.DE FTSE/XINHUA China 25 China db x-trackers  
  EXSJ.DE DJ STOXX EU Enlarged 15 (DE) East Europe iShares  
  L8I2.DE Eastern Europe East Europe Lyxor  
  IQQR.DE MSCI Eastern Europe East Europe iShares  
  M9SH.DE DAXglobal BRIC Index Fund Emerging Markets Market Access  
  IQQ9.DE FTSE BRIC 50 Emerging Markets iShares  
  DBX2.DE MSCI EM Asia TRN Index Emerging Markets db x-trackers  
  X016.DE MSCI EM Eastern Europe TRN Emerging Markets ComStage  
  DBX4.DE MSCI EM EMEA TRN Index Emerging Markets db x-trackers  
  DBX3.DE MSCI EM LATAM TRN Index Emerging Markets db x-trackers  
  LYM0.DE MSCI EM Latin America Emerging Markets Lyxor  
  DBX1.DE MSCI Em. Markets TRI Emerging Markets db x-trackers  
  IQQE.DE MSCI Emerging Markets Emerging Markets iShares  
  LYM7.DE MSCI Emerging Markets Emerging Markets Lyxor  
  XMHB.DE MSCI Emerging Markets Emerging Markets Xmtch  
  EUNM.DE MSCI Emerging Markets Emerging Markets iShares  
  EUNI.DE MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap Emerging Markets iShares  
  DX2Z.DE S&P Select Frontier Emerging Markets db x-trackers  
  DBXE.DE DJ EURO STOXX 50 Europe db x-trackers  
  C050.DE DJ EURO STOXX 50 TR Europe ComStage  
  DXET.DE DJ EURO STOXX Anteil. "1C" Europe db x-trackers  
  EUN1.DE DJ STOXX 50 Europe iShares  
  SC0L.DE DJ STOXX 50 Europe Source  
  EL4Y.DE DJ STOXX 50 Europe ETFlab  
  EXW3.DE DJ STOXX 50 (DE) Europe iShares  
  XEYP.DE DJ STOXX 600 Europe Easy ETF  
  DX2X.DE DJ STOXX 600 Europe db x-trackers  
  EXSA.DE DJ STOXX 600 (DE) Europe iShares  
  C060.DE DJ STOXX 600 TR Europe ComStage  
  EXSC.DE DJ STOXX Large 200 (DE) Europe iShares  
  SC0D.DE Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 Europe Source  
  SC0C.DE Dow Jones STOXX 600 Europe Source  
  X012.DE MSCI EMU TRN Europe ComStage  
  IQQY.DE MSCI Europe Europe iShares  
  LYY5.DE MSCI Europe Europe Lyxor  
  EL42.DE MSCI Europe Europe ETFlab  
  UIMA.DE MSCI Europe Europe UBS  
  EUNK.DE MSCI Europe (Acc) Europe iShares  
  IQQU.DE MSCI Europe ex-UK Europe iShares  
  UIMB.DE MSCI Europe I Europe UBS  
  X024.DE MSCI Europe Large Cap TRN Europe ComStage  
  EL4H.DE MSCI Europe LC Europe ETFlab  
  SC0E.DE MSCI Europe S-ource Europe Source  
  X011.DE MSCI Europe TRN Europe ComStage  
  DBXA.DE MSCI Europe TRN Index Europe db x-trackers  
  DX29.DE MSCI PAN-EURO TRI Europe db x-trackers  
  X24G.DE STOXX 50 Europe (A share) Europe Easy ETF  
  X24H.DE STOXX 50 Europe (B share) Europe Easy ETF  
  EXSI.DE DJ EURO STOXX (DE) Euro-Zone iShares  
  LYSX.DE DJ EURO STOXX 50 Euro-Zone Lyxor  
  EUN2.DE DJ EURO STOXX 50 Euro-Zone iShares  
  EL4B.DE DJ EURO STOXX 50 Euro-Zone ETFlab  
  FRC1.DE DJ EURO STOXX 50 Euro-Zone UBS  
  S6X0.DE DJ EURO STOXX 50 - B Euro-Zone Source  
  EXW1.DE DJ EURO STOXX 50 (DE) Euro-Zone iShares  
  FRC7.DE DJ EURO STOXX 50 I Euro-Zone UBS  
  X247.DE EURO STOXX 50 (A share) Euro-Zone Easy ETF  
  XEYY.DE EURO STOXX 50 (B share) Euro-Zone Easy ETF  
  IQQ1.DE FTSEurofirst 100 Euro-Zone iShares  
  IQQ8.DE FTSEurofirst 80 Euro-Zone iShares  
  LYQC.DE MSCI EMU Euro-Zone Lyxor  
  FS2G.DE MSCI EMU Euro-Zone UBS  
  XMHA.DE MSCI EMU Large Cap Euro-Zone Xmtch  
  SXRJ.DE MSCI EMU Small Cap Euro-Zone Xmtch  
  DX2G.DE CAC 40 France db x-trackers  
  EL4A.DE DAX Germany ETFlab  
  DBXD.DE DAX Germany db x-trackers  
  LYY7.DE DAX Germany Lyxor  
  EXS1.DE DAX (DE) Germany iShares  
  EL4F.DE DAX (Preisindex) Germany ETFlab  
  C001.DE DAX TR Germany ComStage  
  LYMH.DE MSCI Greece Greece Lyxor  
  LYME.DE Hong Kong (HSI) Hong Kong Lyxor  
  LYMD.DE MSCI India India Lyxor  
  DBX7.DE S&P CNX Nifty India db x-trackers  
  DBXI.DE S&P/MIB Index Italy db x-trackers  
  LYY4.DE Lxor Japan (Topix) Japan Lyxor  
  IQQJ.DE MSCI Japan Japan iShares  
  FRC5.DE MSCI Japan Japan UBS  
  EL44.DE MSCI Japan Japan ETFlab  
  SC0I.DE MSCI Japan Japan Source  
  EUNN.DE MSCI Japan (Acc) Japan iShares  
  UIMF.DE MSCI Japan I Japan UBS  
  SXRH.DE MSCI Japan Large Cap Japan Xmtch  
  EL4J.DE MSCI Japan LC Japan ETFlab  
  X017.DE MSCI Japan TRN Japan ComStage  
  DBXJ.DE MSCI Japan TRN Index Japan db x-trackers  
  C020.DE Nikkei 225 Japan ComStage  
  EXX7.DE Nikkei 225 (DE) Japan iShares  
  C021.DE TOPIX Japan ComStage  
  IQQK.DE MSCI Korea Korea iShares  
  LYMC.DE MSCI Korea Korea Lyxor  
  DBX8.DE MSCI Korea TRN Index Korea db x-trackers  
  IUSC.DE MSCI Latin America Latin America iShares  
  LYQE.DE MSCI Malaysia Malaysia Lyxor  
  M9SK.DE FTSE/JSE Afr. Top 40 Ind. Fund South Africa Market Access  
  LYMV.DE South Africa (FTSE JSE Top 40) South Africa Lyxor  
  DXS0.DE SLI Switzerland db x-trackers  
  DBXS.DE SMI Switzerland db x-trackers  
  C030.DE SMI Switzerland ComStage  
  EXI1.DE SMI (DE) Switzerland iShares  
  IQQT.DE MSCI Taiwan Taiwan iShares  
  LYQD.DE MSCI Taiwan Taiwan Lyxor  
  X019.DE MSCI Taiwan TRN Taiwan ComStage  
  DBX5.DE MSCI Taiwan TRN Index Taiwan db x-trackers  
  M9SE.DE DJ Turkey Titans 20 Index Fund Turkey Market Access  
  IQQ5.DE MSCI Turkey Turkey iShares  
  LYYG.DE Turkey (DJ Turkey Titans 20) Turkey Lyxor  
  DBXX.DE FTSE 100 United Kingdom db x-trackers  
  FRC6.DE FTSE 100 United Kingdom UBS  
  SCOA.DE FTSE 100 United Kingdom Source  
  EXI4.DE FTSE 100 (DE) United Kingdom iShares  
  DBXY.DE FTSE 250 United Kingdom db x-trackers  
  DBXZ.DE FTSE All-Share United Kingdom db x-trackers  
  SXRC.DE MSCI UK Large Cap United Kingdom Xmtch  
  EXI3.DE DJ Industrial Average (DE) United States iShares  
  C010.DE DJ Industrial Average TR United States ComStage  
  DJAM.DE Dow Jones Industrial Average United States Lyxor  
  EQQQ.DE EQQQ Fund United States PowerShares  
  IQQN.DE MSCI North America United States iShares  
  X013.DE MSCI North America TRN United States ComStage  
  LYYB.DE MSCI USA United States Lyxor  
  FRC2.DE MSCI USA United States UBS  
  SC0H.DE MSCI USA United States Source  
  EL4Z.DE MSCI USA United States ETFlab  
  UIM8.DE MSCI USA I United States UBS  
  SXRF.DE MSCI USA Large Cap United States Xmtch  
  X021.DE MSCI USA Large Cap TRN United States ComStage  
  EL4I.DE MSCI USA LC United States ETFlab  
  X020.DE MSCI USA TRN United States ComStage  
  DBXU.DE MSCI USA TRN Index United States db x-trackers  
  LYMS.DE Nasdaq 100 United States Lyxor  
  EXXT.DE Nasdaq 100 (DE) United States iShares  
  C011.DE NASDAQ-100 United States ComStage  
  XEYR.DE Russell 1000 (EUR) United States Easy ETF  
  ETLY.DE Russell 1000 Fund United States ETFlab  
  XEYQ.DE S&P 100 (EUR) United States Easy ETF  
  IUSA.DE S&P 500 United States iShares  
  EUNP.DE S&P 500 (Acc) United States iShares  
  EXI2.DE DJ Global Titans 50 (DE) World iShares  
  IQQW.DE MSCI World World iShares  
  LYYA.DE MSCI World World Lyxor  
  UWRD.DE MSCI World World UBS  
  SC0J.DE MSCI World World Source  
  EUNL.DE MSCI World (Acc) World iShares  
  UIMC.DE MSCI World I World UBS  
  X010.DE MSCI World TRN World ComStage  
  DBXW.DE MSCI World TRN Index World db x-trackers  
  ETLX.DE Russell Global Gold Fund World ETFlab  
  Active ETF  
  WKN Fund Country & Region Fund  
  Code Name Mandate Sponsor  
  EL4E.DE DJ STOXX Strong Style Comp 40 Europe ETFlab  
  6PSK.DE Dynamic Europe Fund Europe PowerShares  
  6PSH.DE Dynamic US Market Fund United States PowerShares  
  6PSJ.DE Dyn. Gl. Developed Markets Fund World PowerShares  
  DBX0.DE Quirin W. Management TRI World db x-trackers  
  Managed ETF  
  WKN Fund Country & Region Fund  
  Code Name Mandate Sponsor  
  8490830 DWS Asiatische Aktien Asia + Japan DWS  
  849082 DWS Europ√§ische Aktien Europe DWS  
  A0B535 DB Platinum CROCI Euro Euro-Zone Deutsche Bank  
  8474289 DWS Deutsche Aktien Germany DWS  
  974879 DWS India India DWS  
  A0B54A DB Platinum CROCI US United States Deutsche Bank  
  8490814 DWS US Aktien United States DWS  
  9848010 DWS Internationale Aktien World DWS  
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