Foreign Currencies: Worldwide

Exchange Traded Funds on which the Forex RouteMap updates recommendations every month

  Forex RouteMap: ETF Research Universe  
  Passive ETF listed in New York  
  Ticker Fund Country & Region Fund  
  Code Name Mandate Sponsor  
  ADE Australian Dollar Australian Dollar Elements  
  FXA Australian Dollar Trust Australian Dollar Rydex  
  BZF Dreyfus ETF Brazilian Real Fund Brazilian Real Wisdom Tree  
  EGB British Pound British Pound Elements  
  FXB British Pound Trust British Pound Rydex  
  GBB  GBP/USD Exchange Rate ETN British Pound iPath  
  CUD Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar Elements  
  FXC Canadian Dollar Trust Canadian Dollar Rydex  
  CYB  Dreyfus ETF Chinese Yuan Fund Chinese Renminbi WisdomTree  
  CNY  Market Vectors Chinese Renminbi Chinese Renminbi Van Eck  
  ERO  EUR/USD Exchange Rate ETN Euro iPath  
  ERE Euro  Euro Elements  
  EU Euro Fund Euro Wisdom Tree  
  FXE Euro Trust Euro Rydex  
  ICN Dreyfus ETF Indian Rupee Fund Indian Rupee Wisdom Tree  
  INR  Market Vectors Indian Rupee Indian Rupee Van Eck  
  JYF  Dreyfus ETF Japanese Yen Fund Japanese Yen WisdomTree  
  FXY Japanese Yen Trust Japanese Yen Rydex  
  JYN  JPY/USD Exchange Rate ETN Japanese Yen iPath  
  FXM Mexican Peso Trust Mexican Peso Rydex  
  BNZ  Dreyfus New Zealand Dollar Fund New Zealand Dollar WisdomTree  
  SZR  Dreyfus South African Rand Fund South African Rand WisdomTree  
  FXS Swedish Krona Trust Swedish Krona Rydex  
  SZE Swiss Franc Swiss Franc Elements  
  FXF Swiss Franc Trust Swiss Franc Rydex  
  BIL  SPDR Barclays Capital 1-3 Month T-Bill US Dollar State Street  
  USY  U.S. Current Income Fund US Dollar WisdomTree  
  UDN  US Dollar Bearish Fund US Dollar PowerShares DB  
  UUP  US Dollar Bullish Fund US Dollar PowerShares DB  
  Passive ETF listed in London  
  EPIC Fund Country & Region Fund  
  Code Name Mandate Sponsor  
  XGBP.L Sterling Money Market ETF British Pound db x-trackers  
  IEGE.L Barclays Euro Treasury Bond (0-1 Years) Euro iShares  
  IBGS.L Euro Government Bond (1-3 Years) Euro iShares  
  XUSD.L US Dollar Money Market ETF US Dollar db x-trackers  
  IBTS.L US$ Treasury 0-3 Years US Dollar iShares  
  Passive ETF listed in Frankfurt  
  EPIC Fund Country & Region Fund  
  Code Name Mandate Sponsor  
  DXS1.DE SONIA TRI ETF British Pound db x-trackers  
  EXMV.DE eb.rexx Money Market  Euro iShares  
  DBXT.DE EONIA TR Index ETF Euro db x-trackers  
  DX22.DE EONIA TRI ETF Euro db x-trackers  
  L813.DE ETF Euro Cash Euro Lyxor  
  C101.DE FED Funds Effective Rate US Dollar Commerzbank  
  DXSZ.DE FED Funds Effective Rate US Dollar db x-trackers  
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