Countries & Regions: London

Exchange Traded Funds and Investment Trusts funds on which the Shares RouteMap updates recommendations every month

  Shares RouteMap: ETF Research Universe  
  Exchange Traded Funds listed in London  
  Passive ETF  
  EPIC Fund Country & Region Fund  
  Code Name Mandate Sponsor  
  XAXJ.L MSCI Asia (TR) Asia ex Japan db x-trackers  
  XMAS.L MSCI Asia ex Japan (TR) Asia ex Japan db x-trackers  
  LASPL.L MSCI Asia-Pac ex Japan  Asia ex Japan Lyxor  
  IFFF.L MSCI Far East ex Japan Asia ex Japan iShares  
  IPXJ.L MSCI Pacific ex Japan Asia ex Japan iShares  
  XPXJ.L MSCI Pacific ex Japan (TR) Asia ex Japan db x-trackers  
  XAUS.L S&P/ASX 200 Australia db x-trackers  
  LBRZ.L Brazil (Bovespa) Brazil Lyxor  
  IBZL.L MSCI Brazil Brazil iShares  
  XMBR.L MSCI Brazil Brazil db x-trackers  
  LCHNL.L China Enterprise (HSCEI)  China (H) Lyxor  
  FXC.L FTSE/Xinhua China 25 China (H+R) iShares  
  XX25.L FTSE/Xinhua China 25 China (H+R) db x-trackers  
  LEEU.L Eastern Europe East Europe Lyxor  
  IEEM.L MSCI Emerging Markets Emerging Markets iShares  
  XMEM.L MSCI Emerging Markets Emerging Markets db x-trackers  
  LEME.L MSCI Emerging Markets Emerging Markets Lyxor  
  EUN.L DJ Stoxx 50 Europe iShares  
  XSX6.L DJ STOXX 600 Europe db x-trackers  
  IEUT.L FTSE Eurotop 100 Europe iShares  
  XMEU.L MSCI Europe Europe db x-trackers  
  IMEU.L MSCI Europe Europe iShares  
  IEUR.L FTSE EURO 80 Europe ex UK iShares  
  IEUX.L MSCI Europe ex UK Europe ex UK iShares  
  XESX.L DJ EURO STOXX50 Euro-Zone db x-trackers  
  EUE.L DJ EuroStoxx 50 Euro-Zone iShares  
  LHNKG.L Hong Kong (HSI)  Hong Kong Lyxor  
  LNFT.L India S&P CNX NIFTY  India Lyxor  
  XNIF.L S&P CNX NIFTY India db x-trackers  
  IMIB.L S&P/MIB Italy iShares  
  LTPX.L Japan TOPIX  Japan Lyxor  
  IJPN.L MSCI Japan Japan iShares  
  XMJP.L MSCI Japan (TR) Japan db x-trackers  
  IKOR.L MSCI Korea Korea iShares  
  LMKO.L MSCI Korea  Korea Lyxor  
  XKS2.L MSCI Korea (TR) Korea db x-trackers  
  LTAM.L MSCI Latin America Latin America iShares  
  LLAT.L MSCI Latin America Latin America Lyxor  
  XMLA.L MSCI Latin American Latin America db x-trackers  
  IAEX.L MSCI Netherlands Netherlands iShares  
  LSAF.L South Africa South Africa Lyxor  
  ITWN.L MSCI Taiwan Taiwan iShares  
  XMTW.L MSCI Taiwan (TR) Taiwan db x-trackers  
  ISF.L FTSE 100 United Kingdom iShares  
  L100.L FTSE 100 United Kingdom Lyxor  
  XUKX.L FTSE 100 ETF United Kingdom db x-trackers  
  LFAS.L FTSE All Share United Kingdom Lyxor  
  XASX.L FTSE All Share (TR) United Kingdom db x-trackers  
  LIND.L Dow Jones IA  United States Lyxor  
  EQQQ.L EQQQ United States PowerShares  
  RONP.L ETFS Russell 1000 United States ETF Securities  
  XMUS.L MSCI US (TR) United States db x-trackers  
  LMUS.L MSCI USA  United States Lyxor  
  LNSQ.L NASDAQ 100  United States Lyxor  
  IUSA.L S&P 500 United States iShares  
  XWXU.L FTSE All-World ex UK World db x-trackers  
  IWXU.L FTSE World ex UK World iShares  
  IWRD.L MSCI World World iShares  
  LWOR.L MSCI World  World Lyxor  
  XMWO.L MSCI World (TR) World db x-trackers  
  XMEA.L MSCI World ex US (TR) World ex US db x-trackers  
  Active ETF  
  EPIC Fund Country & Region Fund  
  Code Name Mandate Sponsor  
  PSDE.L Dynamic Europe Europe Powershares  
  LREU.L FTSE RAFI Europe  Europe Lyxor  
  LRZZ.L FTSE RAFI Eurozone  Euro-Zone Lyxor  
  PSDJ.L Dynamic Japan Japan PowerShares  
  LRJPR.L FTSE RAFI Japan  Japan Lyxor  
  PSDU.L Dynamic UK United Kingdom Powershares  
  PSRU.L FTSE RAFI UK United Kingdom PowerShares  
  PSWC.L Dynamic US United States Powershares  
  LRAM.L FTSE RAFI US 1000  United States Lyxor  
  B248K47 Dynamic Global Dev. Mkts. World Powershares  
  PSRD.L FTSE RAFI World World PowerShares  
  Managed ETF  
  EPIC Fund Country & Region Fund  
  Code Name Mandate Sponsor  
  AAS.L Aberdeen Asian Smaller Co. Asia ex Japan Aberdeen  
  ABD.L Aberdeen New Dawn Asia ex Japan Aberdeen  
  EFM.L Edinburgh Dragon Asia ex Japan Aberdeen  
  HPI.L Henderson TR Pacific Asia ex Japan Henderson  
  IAT.L INVESCO Asia Asia ex Japan INVESCO  
  JPF.L JPMF Asian Asia ex Japan JP Morgan Fleming  
  PAC.L Pacific Assets Asia ex Japan ISIS  
  PHI.L Pacific Horizon Asia ex Japan Baillie Gifford  
  SDP.L Schroder Asia Pacific Asia ex Japan Schroeder  
  WPC.L Witan Pacific Asia ex Japan Henderson  
  SST.L Scottish Oriental Smaller Co. Asia ex Japan SmallCap First State  
  FAS.L Fidelity Asian Values Asia ex Japan Value Fidelity  
  HFE.L Henderson Far East Income Asia ex Japan Value Henderson  
  MCP.L Martin Currie Pacific Asia inc Japan Martin Currie  
  GAN.L Gartmore Asia Pacific Asia inc Japan Value Gartmore  
  BEE.L Baring Emerging Europe East Europe Barings  
  EST.L Eastern European East Europe Pictet  
  ADD.L Advance Developing Markets Emerging Markets Progressive  
  FCT.L F&C Emerging Markets Emerging Markets F&C Management  
  367802.L Genesis Emerging Markets Emerging Markets Genesis  
  JMG.L JPMF Emerging Markets Emerging Markets JP Morgan Fleming  
  TEM.L Templeton Emerging Markets Emerging Markets Templeton  
  CPE.L Charter Pan European Europe Allianz  
  SR.L SR Europe Europe Sloane Robinson  
  FCU.L F&C Eurotrust Europe ex UK F&C Management  
  GEO.L Gartmore European Europe ex UK Gartmore  
  IPE.L INVESCO Perpetual European Europe ex UK INVESCO  
  FUT.L JPMF Continental Europe Europe ex UK JP Morgan Fleming  
  MLE.L Merill Lynch Greater Europe Europe ex UK Merill Lynch  
  JMC.L JPMF Chinese Greater China JPMF  
  JII.L JPMF Indian India JP Morgan Fleming  
  NII.L New India India Aberdeen  
  GIR.L Gartmore Irish Growth Ireland Gartmore  
  BGFD.L Baillie Gifford Japan Japan Baillie Gifford  
  FLMJ.L JPMF Japanese Japan JP Morgan Fleming  
  PJI.L Perpetual Japanese Japan INVESCO  
  FCL.L F&C Latin American Latin America F&C Management  
  MLLA.L Merrill Latin America Latin America Merrill  
  ANW.L Aberdeen New Thai Thailand Aberdeen  
  ATST.L Alliance Trust UK + World Alliance  
  AOT.L Anglo & Overseas UK + World Deutsche Bank  
  BNKR.L Bankers UK + World Henderson  
  BSET.L British Assets UK + World ISIS  
  BUT.L Brunner UK + World Allianz  
  FRCL.L Foreign & Colonial UK + World F&C Management  
  GGL.L Gartmore Global UK + World Gartmore  
  IIT.L Independent Investment Trust UK + World Independent  
  JFG.L JPMF Managed Growth UK + World JP Morgan Fleming  
  JPG.L Jupiter Primadona UK + World Jupiter  
  LWDB.L Law Debenture Corp UK + World Law Debenture  
  MAJE.L Majedie UK + World Majedie  
  MNP.L Martin Currie Portfolio UK + World Martin Currie  
  MYI.L Murray International UK + World Aberdeen  
  SCAM.L Scottish American UK + World First State  
  SCIN.L Scottish Investment Trust UK + World SIT  
  SMT.L Scottish Mortgage UK + World Baillie Gifford  
  SAT.L Second Alliance UK + World Alliance  
  WTAN.L Witan UK + World Henderson  
  ADF.L Advance Focus United Kingdom Progeur  
  ATS.L Artemis Alpha United Kingdom Artemis  
  BPO.L British Portfolio United Kingdom Allianz  
  CTY.L City of London United Kingdom Henderson  
  DIG.L Dunedin Income Growth United Kingdom Aberdeen  
  EDIN.L Edinburgh Investment United Kingdom Fidelity  
  EUK.L Edinburgh UK Tracker United Kingdom Aberdeen  
  FPP.L F&C Capital and Income United Kingdom F&C Management  
  IVI.L INVESCO Income Growth United Kingdom INVESCO  
  LWI.L Lowland United Kingdom Henderson  
  MRCH.L Merchants United Kingdom Allianz  
  MUT.L Murray Income United Kingdom Aberdeen  
  PLI.L Perpetual Income & Growth United Kingdom INVESCO  
  PNL.L Personal Assets United Kingdom Independent  
  STS.L Securities Trust of Scotland United Kingdom Martin Currie  
  SHRS.L Shires Income United Kingdom Glasgow  
  TMPL.L Temple Bar United Kingdom INVESTEC  
  TBUK.L Tribune (Tracker) United Kingdom Witan  
  IUK.L UK Select United Kingdom Scottish Widows  
  VIN.L Value & Income United Kingdom OLIM  
  EUS.L Edinburgh US Tracker United States Aberdeen  
  JAM.L JPMF American United States JP Morgan Fleming  
  ADU.L Advance UK World Progeur  
  CGT.L Capital Gearing World Cazenove  
  EWI.L Edinburgh Worldwide World Aberdeen  
  ET.L Establishment World BDT  
  MWY.L Mid Wynd International World Baillie Gifford  
  MNKS.L Monks World Baillie Gifford  
  RUF.L Ruffer Investment World Independent  
  ENG.L Taube Hodson Electric & Gen. World Taube Hodson  
  Please note that this analysis of a general and impersonal nature, in that the advice provided is not adapted to any specific portfolio or any client's specific needs. Private investors should take professional advice as to the suitability of any recommendation. These are updated regularly on the basis of the investment mandate shown, using month end prices, expressed in US$ as a common currency for international investors as well as relative to an index of world stockmarkets.