Countries & Regions: New York

Exchange Traded Funds and Closed-Ended funds on which the Shares RouteMap updates recommendations every month

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  Exchange Traded Funds listed in New York  
  Passive ETF  
  Ticker Fund Country & Region Fund  
  Code Name Mandate Sponsor  
  AAXJ  MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Asia ex Japan iShares  
  EPP  MSCI Pacific ex-Japan  Asia ex Japan iShares  
  GMF S & P Asia Pacific Asia ex Japan State Street  
  AIA  S&P Asia 50 Index Fund Asia ex Japan iShares  
  VPL  Vanguard Pacific Asia inc Japan Vanguard  
  EWA  MSCI Australia  Australia iShares  
  EWO  MSCI Austria  Austria iShares  
  EWK  MSCI Belgium  Belgium iShares  
  EWZ  MSCI Brazil  Brazil iShares  
  EWC  MSCI Canada  Canada iShares  
  ECH MSCI Chile Chile iShares  
  FCHI  FTSE China Index Fund China (H) iShares  
  PGJ  Golden Dragon Halter USX China Portfolio China (H) PowerShares  
  YAO China All Shares China (H+R) Claymore  
  FXI  FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index Fund China (H+R) iShares  
  GXC  SPDR S&P China ETF China (H+R) State Street  
  EEB BNY BRIC Emerging Markets Claymore  
  FRN BNY Mellon Frontier Markets  Emerging Markets Claymore  
  BKF BRIC Index Emerging Markets iShares  
  EEG EGA Emerging Global Shares Dow  Emerging Markets Elements  
  SCHE Emerging Markets Emerging Markets Charles Schwab  
  ADRE Emerging Markets 50 ADR Emerging Markets Power Shares  
  EEM  MSCI Emerging Markets Emerging Markets iShares  
  BIK S & P BRIC Emerging Markets State Street  
  GMM  SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Emerging Markets State Street  
  VWO  Vanguard Emerging Markets Emerging Markets Vanguard  
  ADRU Europe 100 ADR Europe Power Shares  
  EKH Europe 2001 Europe HOLDRS  
  IEV  S&P Europe 350 Europe iShares  
  FEU STOXX 50 Europe State Street  
  VGK  Vanguard Europe Europe Vanguard  
  FEZ EURO STOXX 50 Euro-Zone State Street  
  EZU  MSCI EMU  Euro-Zone iShares  
  EWQ  MSCI France  France iShares  
  EWG  MSCI Germany  Germany iShares  
  EWH  MSCI Hong Kong  Hong Kong iShares  
  INDY India Nifty 50 India iShares  
  PIN  India Portfolio India PowerShares  
  INP MSCI India ETN India iPath  
  IDX  Market Vectors Indonesia Indonesia Van Eck  
  EIS MSCI Israel Israel iShares  
  EWI  MSCI Italy  Italy iShares  
  EWJ  MSCI Japan  Japan iShares  
  JPP Russell Nomura Prime Japan Japan State Street  
  ITF  S&P/Topix 150 Japan iShares  
  EWY  MSCI South Korea  Korea iShares  
  ILF  S&P Latin American 40 Latin America iShares  
  GML  SPDR S&P Emerging Latin America Latin America State Street  
  EWM  MSCI Malaysia (Free)  Malaysia iShares  
  EWW  MSCI Mexico (Free)  Mexico iShares  
  EWN  MSCI Netherlands  Netherlands iShares  
  PLND Poland Poland Market Vectors  
  EWS  MSCI Singapore  Singapore iShares  
  EZA  MSCI South Africa  South Africa iShares  
  EWP  MSCI Spain  Spain iShares  
  EWD  MSCI Sweden  Sweden iShares  
  EWL  MSCI Switzerland  Switzerland iShares  
  EWT  MSCI Taiwan  Taiwan iShares  
  THD MSCI Thailand Thailand iShares  
  TUR Turkey Invstible Turkey iShares  
  EWU  MSCI UK  United Kingdom iShares  
  IYY Dow Jones US Total Market United States iShares  
  MGC  Mega Cap 300 ETF United States Vanguard  
  NY NYSE 100 United States iShares  
  NYC  NYSE Composite United States iShares  
  IWV  Russell 3000 United States iShares  
  ISI  S&P 1500 United States iShares  
  IVV  S&P 500 United States iShares  
  RSP  S&P 500 Equal Weight United States Rydex  
  SPY SPDR 500 United States State Street  
  TMW  SPDR DJ Wilshire Total Market United States State Street  
  SCHB US Broad Market United States Charles Schwab  
  VV  Vanguard 750 United States Vanguard  
  VTI Vanguard Total Stock Market United States Vanguard  
  EEN BNY Mellon EW Euro-Pacific World Claymore  
  MKH Market 2000+ World HOLDRS  
  ACWI  MSCI All Countries World World iShares  
  IOO  S&P Global 100 World iShares  
  VT  Vanguard Total World Stock World Vanguard  
  TOK  MSCI Kokusai Index World ex Japan iShares  
  ADRD Developed Markets 100 ADR World ex US Power Shares  
  VEU  FTSE All-World ex-US World ex US Vanguard  
  SCHF International Equity World ex US Charles Schwab  
  AXFN MSCI ACWI ex US World ex US iShares  
  ACWX  MSCI All Countries World ex US World ex US iShares  
  EFA  MSCI EAFE  World ex US iShares  
  EEN  Robeco Developed International Equity World ex US Claymore  
  CWI  SPDR MSCI ACWI ex-US World ex US State Street  
  GWL  SPDR S&P World Ex-US World ex US State Street  
  VEA Vanguard Europe Pacific World ex US iShares  
  Active ETF  
  Ticker Fund Country & Region Fund  
  Code Name Mandate Sponsor  
  PAF Asia Pacific ex Japan Asia ex Japan PowerShares  
  PIE  DWA Emerging Markets Technical Leaders Emerging Markets PowerShares  
  DEM  Emerging Markets High Yielding Equity Emerging Markets WisdomTree  
  PXH  FTSE RAFI Emerging Markets Emerging Markets PowerShares  
  PXH RAFI Emerging Markets Emerging Markets PowerShares  
  PEF Europe Europe PowerShares  
  EPI  India Earnings India WisdomTree  
  PJO  FTSE RAFI Japan Japan PowerShares  
  PQZ  Active Alpha Multi-Cap United States PowerShares  
  PMA  Active Mega-Cap United States PowerShares  
  PKW  Buyback Achievers United States PowerShares  
  PDP  DWA Technical Leaders United States PowerShares  
  PJF  Dynamic Large Cap United States PowerShares  
  PIQ Dynamic MagniQuant United States Power Shares  
  EPS  Earnings 500 United States WisdomTree  
  EEZ  Earnings Top 100 United States WisdomTree  
  PRF  FTSE RAFI US 1000 United States PowerShares  
  FEX  Large Cap Core AlphaDEX United States First Trust  
  EZY  Low P/E United States WisdomTree  
  RYJ  Raymond James SB-1 Equity United States Claymore  
  RWL  RevenueShares Large Cap United States VTL Associates  
  RWV RevShr Navellier United States RevenueShares  
  NFO  Sabrient Insider United States Claymore  
  STH  Sabrient Stealth United States Claymore  
  EEH Spectrm LargeCap US United States Elements  
  EEH  SPECTRUM Large Cap U.S. Sector Momentum United States ELEMENTS  
  EXT  Total Earnings United States WisdomTree  
  FPX  US IPO Index United States First Trust  
  PYH  Value Line Industry Rotation United States PowerShares  
  IRO  Zacks Dividend Rotation United States Claymore  
  XRO  Zacks Sector Rotation United States Claymore  
  PTO  Autonomic Growth NFA Global Asset World PowerShares  
  DENT Dent Tactical  World AdvisorShares  
  LVL  S&P Global Dividend Opportunities Index World Claymore  
  PFA Developed Int. Opportunities World ex US PowerShares  
  PIZ  DWA Developed Market Technical Leaders World ex US PowerShares  
  PXF  FTSE RAFI Developed Markets ex-U.S World ex US PowerShares  
  RTR RevenueShares ADR World ex US RevenueShares  
  RTR  RevenueShares ADR World ex US VTL Associates  
  CRO  Zacks Country Rotation World ex US Claymore  
  Managed ETF  
  Ticker Fund Country & Region Fund  
  Code Name Mandate Sponsor  
  APB Asia Pacific Fund Asia ex Japan Baring Asset Management  
  GRR Asia Tigers Fund Asia ex Japan Advantage Advisers  
  APF M.S. Asia Pacific Fund Asia inc Japan Morgan Stanley  
  IAF Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund Australia Aberdeen  
  CGI.TO Canadian General Investments Canada Morgan Meighen  
  THD.TO Third Canadian Canada Morgan Meighen  
  CH Chile Fund Chile Credit Suisse  
  CHN China Fund China (Regional) HSBC Investor Funds  
  JFC JF China Region Fund China (Regional) Rowe Price  
  TDF Templeton Dragon China (Regional) Templeton  
  CEE Central European Equity Fund East Europe Deutsche Bank  
  FEO  Aberdeen Trust Emerging Opportunity Emerging Markets First Trust  
  MSF M.S. Emerging Markets Emerging Markets Morgan Stanley  
  EMF Templeton Emerging Markets Emerging Markets Franklin Templeton  
  EEA European Equity Fund Europe Scudder Funds  
  GCH Greater China Fund Hong Kong Baring Asset Management  
  IFN India Fund India Advantage Advisers  
  IIF M.S. India Investment Fund India Morgan Stanley  
  IF Indonesia Fund Indonesia Credit Suisse  
  IRL New Ireland Fund Ireland Salomon Brothers  
  ISL First Israel Fund Israel Credit Suisse  
  JEQ Japan Equity Fund Japan ex Finance Daiwa  
  KEF Korea Equity Fund Korea Nomura  
  KF Korea Fund Korea Scudder Funds  
  LAQ Latin America Equity Fund Latin America Credit Suisse  
  LDF Latin American Discovery Latin America Morgan Stanley  
  MAY Malaysia Fund Malaysia Morgan Stanley  
  MXF Mexico Fund Mexico Impulsora Mexico  
  SGF Singapore Fund Singapore Daiwa  
  SNF Spain Fund Spain Alliance Capital  
  SWZ Swiss Helvetia Fund Switzerland Hottinger Capital Corp.  
  TWN Taiwan Fund Taiwan China Securities  
  TFC Taiwan Greater China Taiwan Altman Group  
  TF Thai Capital Fund Thailand Daiwa  
  TTF Thai Fund Thailand Morgan Stanley  
  ADX Adams Express Company United States Adams Express  
  CET Central Securities United States Central Securities  
  CLM Clemente Strategic Value Fund United States Cornerstone Advisors  
  CRF Cornerstone Strategic Return United States Cornerstone Advisors  
  USA Liberty All-Star Growth Fund United States Liberty Funds  
  SOR Source Capital United States First Pacific  
  FGF  SunAmerica Focused Alpha United States SunAmerica  
  TY Tri-Continental Corporation United States Seligman Group  
  ZF Zweig Fund United States Zweig Group  
  CWF.TO Canadian World Fund Limited World Morgan Meighen  
  GLQ  Clough Global Equity World Clough  
  BGY Blackrock International Growth & Income World ex US Blackrock  
  Please note that in accordance with Section 202(a)(11)(D) of the Advisers Act of the United States, this is disinterested analysis of a general and impersonal nature, in that the advice provided is not adapted to any specific portfolio or any client's specific needs. Recommendations are updated regularly on the basis of the investment mandate shown using month end prices, expressed in US$ as a common currency for international investors as well as relative to an index of world stockmarkets.