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New Subscriptions

    Application Form: Complete this form to subscribe to Investors RouteMap
    Terms & Conditions: Licence agreement, financial health warning and other notices for subscribers

About Us  
    Contact Details: How to contact us by mail, email and phone, if your needs aren't covered on our website
    Financial Journalism: Feature articles on portfolio management, fund selection and global markets
    Founder: The investment experience our principal officer puts at your disposal 
    Investment Philosophy: The courage to differ
    Press Reviews: What the papers had to say when we launched the first entirely web-based UK securities firm
    Principal Sources: The raw material for our proprietary investment database

ETF Research
    Exchange Traded Funds: Selecting funds based on the mandate's prospects, rather than the manager's track record
    Fund Selection System: Applying asset allocation strategies to select funds in theory and practice
    Research Universe: 1000 Exchange Traded Funds, Investment Trusts and Closed-Ended Funds
Product Range
    Chart Library: The strategies we combine to improve the odds for investing in bonds, stocks and currencies
    Summary Tables: Ranking tables of our Best Guesses for investing in bond, forex and stock markets   
    Country Profiles: Fact Sheets on all the asset classes, countries, regions and investing styles in Investors RouteMap
Investor Education
    Guided Tours: Take your choice of trips round a mythical country, to give you a feel for the real thing
    Conceptual Framework: Introducing the concepts that differentiate our to-down approach to investing
        Top-down Investing: Our investment philosophy is based on one big idea - It is the Big Picture that makes the Big Difference
        Asset Allocation: In theory asset allocation strategies ignore market prices, in practice they must
        Risk Assessment: A radically different approach to risk assessment, aimed to minimise risks while maximising returns
        Investment Cycles: Exploiting repetitive patterns of behaviour over various time spans
        Sector Rotation: Use Styles RouteMap to maximise profits and minimise risk throughout the stock market cycle
        Diversification: Select a few uncorrelated assets for the best balance of volatility and performance
        Investing Traps: How to survive in the investment jungle by avoiding common pitfalls
        Proprietary Indices: We could not find these indices elsewhere, so we built them ourselves exclusively for subscribers
        Geographical Coverage: The 51 countries and regions analysed in Investors RouteMap
        Best Guesses: We aim to produce the best predictions, but still hesitate to call them anything more than a Best Guess
        Chart Features: A synopsis of the techniques used to standardise charts in Investors RouteMap
        Financial Glossary: A dictionary of professional investment jargon
        Financial Alphabet Soup: An international lexicon of economic, investing and political abbreviations
        Investment Process: How we select strategies for inclusion in our investment process.
            Forecasting Profits: Capacity utilisation is the crucial variable in top-down EPS models
            Forecasting Exchange Rates: How we use econometric models to forecast exchange rates
    Portfolio Management: Essays on portfolio management published by investment journals
    Investment Themes: Feature articles contributed to investment journals on investment strategy
    Operating Instructions: The mechanics of operating Investors RouteMap as a registered subscriber
    User Manual: An aid to using your time as a subscriber most effectively 
    Information Technology: Click on the questions for common answers to administrative and technical issues